Hertz Contract

The Arkansas Office of State Procurement has awarded a new mandatory rental car contract to Hertz and Enterprise/National Rental Car. This contract MUST be used (for all business related travel for employees, guests and students) unless a documented exception is noted on the travel claim. Acceptable justification would include a vehicle being unavailable or an Hertz or Enterprise/National location not available at destination. This contract includes the cost of insurance with no deductible to the University, please see the program summary below for further details.

The U of A Hertz Contract Number is: CDP301115

Rentals made in-state may be done by phone referencing the above mentioned contract number. Rentals made out-of-state should be booked online at Hertz.com

To create a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards account please go to the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards page.

Rates are on 24 hour clock. Contractor may charge hourly overtime at one third of the daily rental rate up to a maximum of the daily rental rate. Hourly rates are not available without enrollment in Hertz on Demand.

Mileage: Compact through Full-size allow unlimited mileage on daily rates as long as they remain within the four state area including Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. Otherwise, the daily rate includes 200 free miles per day and exceeding miles are .20 per additional mile.

All weekly rates allow 1400 free miles per week, exceeding miles are $0.20 per mile.

All monthly rates allow 2400 free miles per month, exceeding miles are $0.20 per mile.

Note: Some locations may incur a daily surcharge in addition to the daily rate (see chart below).

Vehicle Type Daily Weekly Monthly
(Class B)
27.81 152.96 596.52
(Class C&D)
31.93 175.62 684.90
(Class F)
33.99 186.95


Passenger Vans:
Mini-Van (Class R)
55.62 311.85 1193.05
12-Passenger Van (Class M) 76.22 419.21 1634.92
Small SUV:
(Class L)
49.99 299.94 1199.76
Large SUV:
(Class T)
59.99 359.94 1439.76


Luxury/Premium (Class G, I & U):
81.37 447.54 1745.39
Green Vehicles      
Hybrid (Prius Class E6) 40.17 220.94 861.65
Hybrid (Camry Class F6) 42.23 232.27 923.43
Alternative Fuel 50.47 277.59 1082.58
Small Pick-Up (Class S) 81.37 447.54 1745.39
Large Pick-Up (Class S) 101.97 560.84 2187.26
City/State Surcharge/Differential Rates:
State City Daily Differential or Surcharge Rate
CA Burbank AP $3.00
  John Wayne AP $3.00
  Oakland AP $3.00
  San Jose AP $3.00
  San Luis Obispo $13.00
DC Washington $8.00
ID Idaho Falls $6.00
  Boise $6.00
  Pocatello $6.00
  Sun Valley $6.00
IL Chicago $8.00
MA Boston $8.00
MD Baltimore $8.00
MI Detroit $8.00
MT Missoula $6.00
  Butte $10.00
NJ Newark $19.00
NY JFK, LGA, Manhattan $29.00
OR Bend $10.00
  Klamath Falls $10.00
  Medford $10.00
  Pendleton $10.00
  Redmond $10.00
  Salem $10.00
  Sun River $10.00
PA Philadelphia $8.00
WA Pasco $10.00
  Pullman $6.00
  Spokane $6.00
  Walla Walla $10.00
  Wenatchee $10.00
  Yakima $10.00
One Way Differential Fee $125 per rental for all rentals over 500 miles
Daily Loss of Use Fee $50
Smoking damage/learning 150
GPS $12.95/day
International Locations
(note no liability/loss damage waiver protection provided)
Canada 5%
Western Europe and Israel 10%
Africa and Middle East 10%
Latin America and Caribbean 10%
Japan 15%
Eastern Europe and Iceland 5%
Asia and Pacific 10%

Please note the following:


PROPER USE OF VEHICLE: Participant agrees the rental vehicle will not be used:

  1. by a driver who is under the influence of alcohol or any prohibited drugs
  2. for any illegal purpose
  3. to push or tow another vehicle unless the vehicle is equipped for towing and is specified in the rental
  4. to carry passengers or property for hire
  5. in a test, race or contest.
  6. by an unlicensed driver
  7. by a person other than an authorized Traveler with the minimum driver requirements
  8. outside of the United States except where such use is specifically authorized by the Contract
  9. off paved, graded or maintained roads, or driveways, except when the Contractor has agreed to this in writing beforehand. SUV’s, cargo vans and pick-up trucks shall be allowed, with Contractor’s prior written agreement, to operate off paved, graded or maintained roads and driveways or roads open for use by high-clearance vehicles (Maintenance Level 2 definition for roads in National Forests)
  10. by a driver who allows more passengers to occupy the vehicle than there are seatbelts or who does not require all passengers to comply with applicable seatbelt and child restraint laws
  11. by a driver who is under 18 years of age
  12. by a driver or occupant who is smoking
  13. by a driver who obtained the vehicle through fraud or misrepresentation
  14. by a driver who intentionally caused the damage to or loss of the vehicle
  15. in a live artillery fire exercises, or used in training or tactical maneuvers
  16. Will not leave the keys in the vehicle while unattended. If vehicle is stolen, the Participant must be able to produce the keys