The Travel Team serves the campus and facilitates travel for faculty, staff, students, and guests of the University of Arkansas by proficiently processing travel payments, offering training and tools to administrators and travelers alike, and providing interpretation and guidance regarding State of Arkansas Travel Regulations and University processes and procedures.


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If utilizing an Administrative or Traveler TCard for purchase of airline tickets, unless an exemption has been granted by the Travel Office, ALL airline tickets must be purchased by either utilizing the Concur Online Booking Tool, or by contacting an Anthony Travel agent directly. Please read these FAQs for additional information regarding this process.  Trainings are held weekly in the conference room at ADMN 321.  Please visit the HR Training Calendar to sign up.  Also,  if requested, the travel office staff are happy to conduct a training at your department if you have several travelers who will be utilizing the Concur Travel Tool.


New checklist for Travel Claims 


As you may or may not know, the Travel office has gone through some changes, and because of that, I wanted to send out a general notification with some helpful reminders as well as some additional documentation that will hopefully help with the travel process.


First, Donna Carter has moved over to our campus ERP implementation team as the Change Management Coordinator! In her place, Grace Henderson has moved into the Travel and Accounts Payable Manager position. The new Travel Administrator is Shavawn Smith. In other personnel news, Elena Degago has moved into one of our Travel Analyst positions, and in her place, Jordan Hanson has taken on the dual Travel and Accounts payable role. Many of you have probably been contacted by Jordan already as she oversees reviewing our Administrative Tcard images.


Aside from personnel changes, I also wanted to include some clarification about existing travel policies. Please feel free to email this out to any of your frequent travelers, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any follow up questions. I am also attaching some commonly used forms, and a new checklist for Travel Claims that is an excellent resource, particularly for new Admins.


  1. Reasonable Accommodation Requests with Travel: Please remember that if you or your traveler need special travel accommodations such as preferred seating, higher class tickets or closer parking, you must first seek approval from Toya Williams in the Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance. To do this is as follows:
    1. Contact Toya and let her know what accommodations you are seeking. She will help guide you in the process to gain that approval. If you are granted that approval, you will receive a letter from her specifying that approval and the time frame it applies to.
    2. Any time a travel claim includes an expense tied to that accommodation, you must attach the notice from Toya with the rest of the claim documentation.
    3. Please note that no accommodations for travel expenses are permitted without that approval.
  2. Required Forms: Please remember to include the following forms with your travel claims when applicable.
    1. Business Justification for Meals and Entertainment Form: Required any time a meal involves an official business function and is outside the normal personal meals of travel. These are not required for normal group travel meals, though in that case, the itemized receipt would still be needed. Examples of Official Business Functions include Meals with Donors or Recruits, Admissions, Fellow Researchers, etc., in which you are paying for the meal in its entirety. Please note that alcohol is still not allowed in this case.
    2. Membership Justification Form: Any time a membership is purchased in conjunction with a conference registration, this form must be attached with the other claim documentation. This includes Memberships purchased through personal funds, TCards or TRPOs.
  3. Anthony Travel: When using a University TCard, use of our Travel Management Company is required. Please note that use of the TCard for flights outside of that contract will result in loss of flight purchasing privileges on that card.
    1. If you feel an exception to this policy is needed, you must email the travel office prior to purchase to receive approval in writing.
    1. If you have not yet registered for the online booking platform Concur, you can do so at the following link: https://www.concursolutions.com/registration/register_form.asp?regcode=UARK1234
  1. One Day Meals: Please remember that meals on one-day trips (meaning ones that do not include overnight stays) are no longer reimbursable. The exception to this is official business functions, which require that form, as well as certain types of group travel. If you are unsure if your trip applies, please contact us prior to traveling to confirm what is allowable.
  2. Travel Claims: There are a few things to keep in mind that will help speed the review and payment process for your travel claims.
    1. Submission: Please make sure you are submitting your claim in BASIS before mailing it to us. We have been receiving quite a few claims that are still ‘in process’, meaning this further delays payment. 
    2. Claim Status: an ‘Approved’ claim simply means that the claim has been approved for payment by your internal department approval chain. The Travel office is not part of the Claim approval chain. For a claim to move to ‘Paid’ the physical copy must be in our office.
    3. Mailing Claims: All claims from departments with access to campus mail must be sent that way and cannot be emailed to us. If you choose to walk your claims to our office rather than mailing them, please turn them in at the front desk in ADMN 321 so that they can be date stamped.
    4. Please, always staple claims, instead of paperclipping. We receive very large quantities of paperwork and there is a high chance that receipts can be lost if they are not stapled together.
    5. Our office receives hundreds of claims every day, and we are working as quickly as possible to process them! That being said, please hold off on emailing us to check the status of a claim until it is at least a week past the date you mailed it. At that point, please attach a copy of the claim so that we can quickly expedite review.
  3. TREQs and TAs:
    1. When submitting, remember that only 1 day of travel is allowed on either side of an event for domestic travel, or 2 days for international. If you include more, you must include an explanation, otherwise, your submission will be rejected. If the extra time is personal, you must also adjust the eligible meal and lodging days to reflect that.
    2. Please be sure to include more detail in your purpose description. If the purpose is a conference, list the name or acronym for the conference. If the purpose is research, please give a brief descriptor of that research.
  4. Personal Time added to a Business trip is allowed, but certain steps must be followed:
    1. If travel involves airfare, please remember to provide a quote of the flight for just the business dates/destinations to compare to the flight purchased. The comparison must be done at the time of the reservation. If the change results in a higher cost, the traveler will only be reimbursed up to the quote.
    2. If the transportation costs are higher with personal time added in, please do not use the Tcard to pay for those costs.
  5. Moving Expenses: Remember, while moving expenses are reimbursable if outlined in the offer letter, they cannot be processed through travel as they are taxable. They must be filed through Procurement. Please also note that this means any flights for moving or house hunting are not allowed to be purchased on the TCard.
  6. Admin Tcard:
    1. Always send receipts separately from the Travel Claims, rather than waiting to send them until you send the claim to us.
    2. Receipts can be emailed, scanned into Kofax or physically mailed.
    3. Please always note the T# on the receipt.
    4. This card is for use on Airfare (through the contract), Registrations (and associated memberships), Car Rentals and Lodging (Room and Tax only). Incidentals such as parking, internet, taxis, shuttles and especially meals, are not permitted. If these purchases occur they are documented and can result in suspension of the card.
  7. Incorrect P/TCard Purchases: These cards have 2 distinct functions. Please remember that the TCards should only be used for purchases related to an actual travel. Any local purchases must go on the PCard. This includes local conferences for which you will not be incurring travel expenses.
    1. If either card is used incorrectly, you will be invoiced. Only once the invoice is paid back will you be able to seek reimbursement, either through Travel or a Personal Reimbursement.
    2. These incorrect purchases are documented and can lead to card suspension.
  8. Sharing Expenses: Remember, one traveler cannot pay for another traveler's expenses without prior approval under any circumstances if the travel is an ‘individual’ travel. The only circumstance where this is permitted is if the travel is designated as a Group travel, which must involve students. The following steps will be followed if this does occur:
    1. Both claims related to the shared expense must be emailed directly to myself or Shavawn Smith.
    2. We will review the claims at the same time to ensure no double payment.
    3. The shared expense is allowed the 1st time this occurs, but we will email both travelers, along with their Admins, to notify them that this is against policy.
    4. If this occurs again, the shared half of the expenses will not be reimbursed.
    5. If a traveler Tcard is involved, this will be documented and can result in the loss of card privileges.

I know this is quite a bit of information, so again, if you have any questions please feel to follow up with us! The best way to reach us quickly is by emailing uatravel@uark.edu as we all monitor this email.



 **Academic Policy 1835.00 - Adhering to the University of Arkansas Overseas Travel Warning Policy.  It is the responsibility of staff, faculty and sponsoring unit (e.g. department, institute, center, etc.) to comply with and enforce the international travel warning policy.  All faculty, staff, and students traveling outside of the United States on a U of A related activity are required to register their travel before they initiate a request for travel authorization. Click here for additional information


 State of Arkansas Travel Regulations


If you need alternative (written) documents or forms, contact Business Services at (479) 575-2551 or 4help@uark.edu. 


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