The Travel Office serves the campus and facilitates travel for faculty, staff, students, and guests of the University of Arkansas by proficiently processing travel payments, offering training and tools to administrators and travelers alike, and providing interpretation and guidance regarding State of Arkansas Travel Regulations and University processes and procedures.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Policy

For all trips that take place PRIOR to May 1, 2021, spend authorizations are required for ALL travel, both in-state and out-of-state. The spend authorization should include all relevant travel details, route through the appropriate departmental approvals, and include the COVID-19 Travel Form. Appeals to the dean or equivalent (for support units) decision may be made to the appropriate Vice Chancellor. The Vice Chancellor's decision is final.

Any trips occurring AFTER May 1, 2021 will adhere to the following:

No longer will the COVID-19 Travel Form be required for domestic travel for faculty, staff, or graduate students who have travel dates effective May 1, 2021 or later.

No longer will a Spend Authorization be required for any instate travel, UNLESS a requirement by your department.

International Travel will remain restricted until further notice and will require the COVID-19 Travel Form attached to the Spend Authorization.  Spend Authorizations  WILL ALWAYS BE REQUIRED for all International Travel.

Undergraduate Travel, for both individual or group will remain restricted until further notice and will require the COVID-19 Travel Form attached to the Spend Authorization. 

A Spend Authorization for out -of-state domestic travel is strongly encouraged in order to commit the funds, and in some departments, may be required. 

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Workday Information

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 State of Arkansas Travel Regulations

 International Travel

Academic Policy 1835.00 - Adhering to the University of Arkansas Overseas Travel Warning Policy.  It is the responsibility of staff, faculty and sponsoring unit (e.g. department, institute, center, etc.) to comply with and enforce the international travel warning policy.  All faculty, staff, and students traveling outside of the United States on a U of A related activity are required to register their travel before they initiate a request for travel authorization. Click here for additional information.

 Information for Travelers & Administrative Staff

 Travel Office Staff

The Travel Office strives to provide the highest level of customer service to the campus community.   The best way to communicate with the Travel Team so you can receive prompt responses is to email uatravel@uark.edu.  All members of the Travel Services team monitor the uatravel@uark.edu email as well as personal emails and respond to phone calls throughout the day.  We ask that you send all items to the departmental email allowing us to address each item as it comes in to help us work more efficiently to serve your needs.  Currently Travel Staff is working remotely, but main office has been moved to Uptown West Campus  (Across from Panera Bread).

Kim Gilbert Manager of Travel Services

Elizabeth Miller Administrator for Travel Credit Card Services

Elena Degago Travel Analyst

 If you need alternative (written) documents or forms, contact Business Services at (479) 575-2551 or 4help@uark.edu.