Frequently Asked Questions

When are Spend Authorizations required in Workday?

Spend Authorizations are strongly encouraged when traveling out-of-state (domestically) and required when traveling internationally, for non-employee student travel, group travel, or if a cash advance is requested. Departments may choose to require a Spend Authorization for all trips.

I am traveling to another location in Arkansas, do I need to do a Spend Authorization?

You do not need to complete a Spend Authorization for in-state travel unless there is non-employee student travel, group travel, or your department requires it.

What forms do I need to include with my Spend Authorization/Expense Report?

How do I request a new location in Workday?

New locations are requested by emailing

What is the reimbursement for mileage to XNA?

Roundtrip mileage to XNA will be reimbursed as either actual mileage from your “official workstation” or your residence, whichever is less, when travel begins during normal working hours. If it is necessary to perform duties outside of normal working hours, then roundtrip mileage to XNA and back will be reimbursed as actual mileage from your residence. All actual mileage from your residence or “official workstation” should be calculated by using the Item Details for Google Maps within our ERP system. For one way mileage, simply leave roundtrip box unmarked and and make a notation in memo field.

What if the expense item I need isn't listed?

Email for additional guidance.

What receipts do I have to turn in with my Expense Report?

For a list of required receipts, click here.

I traveled and am owed money from the University, when will I get reimbursed?

The Travel Office and the Treasurer’s Office generally pay out expense reports on Tuesdays and Fridays. The expense report must be completely through the approval chain before it is eligible to be paid.

I had a meal with guests/donors while traveling, how do I file this on my expense report?

Use the expense line item “Guest Meal Per Diem” for the meal and be sure to upload the Official Function Form.

We are bringing a candidate to campus for an interview. Can we pay for their spouse's/partner's travel?

No. Spousal/partner travel is not an appropriate buisness expense unless there is a justifiable business reason for their travel. Spouses/partners may travel with the candidate, but must pay for their own travel expenses and not include them on the candidate's expense report. 

How do I reconcile a credit to my travel card?

To reconcile a credit to your travel card, you will need to complete an Expense Report and attach the credit to the Expense Report. For more information on how to complete an Expense Report, click here.

I have a charge on my administrative t-card for a guest, student, or employee—how do I take care of this?

You will need to reassign the charge to traveler. To do this, go to “Reassign Expense Credit Card Transactions” in Workday. 

Can I put conference registration and/or a membership on my travel card?

Yes, but only if there is travel involved with the registration and/or membership. You will also need to include the Membership Justification Form if you purchase the membership at the same time as the registration.

Someone in my department is leaving the university, what do I do with their travel card?

Email and let us know the employee’s last day with the University. We will provide instructions at that time.

I am moving to another department on campus, do I need a new travel card?

No, you do not need a new travel card. Your card will update with your new worktags once you are placed in the new position in Workday.