Traveling Using Federally Funded Grants

Please see information below PRIOR to booking airfare or processing a request to travel when federal funds will be used to fund the travel.

  1. If traveling internationally using federal funds you must comply with the Fly America Act.
  2. You must comply with Uniform Guidance requirements by supplying a written justification when submitting your travel request (Spend Authorization).  Each justification MUST be transaction specific.  In other words, no 'blanket' justification to cover any travel.  Examples of the type of information you would provide are:
  • If traveling for research, specify the type of research being conducted and how it relates to the grant
  • If attending a conference, why is the conference beneficial to the award of the grant, and what topics are going to be discussed
  • If collaborating with other researchers, who are these researchers and how does this collaboration relate to the award and funding of the grant