International Travel


Ensuring that university students, faculty, and staff have a safe and productive journey is a joint effort between the Office of Study Abroad, the Office of Research Compliance - Export Control, and Travel Services. Each office is responsible for different aspects of international travel, and the responsibilities are outlined below. 

Office of Study Abroad - International Travel Policy

Academic Policy 1835.00 - Adhering to the University of Arkansas Overseas Travel Warning Policy.  It is the responsibility of staff, faculty and sponsoring unit (e.g. department, institute, center, etc.) to comply with and enforce the international travel warning policy.  All faculty, staff, guests, and students traveling outside of the United States on a U of A related activity are required to register their travel before they initiate a request for travel authorization. Click here for additional information.

1. Traveler or Proxy submits International Travel Registration here:

2. If 1835.00 policy is triggered, the traveler prepares 3 documents to formally Petition for Exception to the International Travel Policy:

a. Petition For Exception - Must be signed off by Department Chair or equivalent, Dean or equivalent, and traveler. If Division of Agriculture employee, it must also be signed off by Division Associate VP.

b. Justification – During COVID-19 times, refer to the COVID-19 Travel section to address the four bullet points listed in the justification.

c. Waiver – International travelers must be prepared to sign a release & waiver

3. Email all 3 Petition for Exception documents to, which will be routed to IEAC Council for recommendation to Dean of Graduate School & International Education, who will make a final recommendation to the Provost. The Provost makes the final decision.

Office of Research Integrity and  Compliance - Export Control

The U.S. Government regulates exports of sensitive equipment, software, and technology to protect and promote our national security interests and foreign policy objectives. The University of Arkansas in Fayetteville has instituted several practices to meet these rules, regulations, and remain in compliance with federal objectives. Faculty, staff, and students are required to follow these institutional policies when working in or traveling to a foreign country, as well as when they use or carry university equipment, intellectual property, or any other property regulated under the applicable controls in a foreign country. Travelers must adhere to Export Control Guidance for International Travel and must upload the Travel Export Control Form to the Spend Authorization in Workday.

Travel Services - Processing Approved International Travel in Workday®

Travel Services oversees processing  international travel approved  by the Office of Research Integrity and Compliance  and the Office of Study Abroad and International Education to ensure compliance with U of A policies, State of Arkansas travel regulations, and federal policies and regulations. Below are important guidelines when processing international travel in Workday®.

  • A Spend Authorization is required for all international travel, regardless of advisory warning level. The Spend Authorization should include a copy of the international travel approval from (departmental requirement),  the Foreign Travel Export Control Form (Export Control/Travel Office requirement), travel dates, estimated expenses, and the Cash Advance Agreement Form if a cash advance is requested.
  • Expenses for international travel (registrations, airfare, lodging, etc.) may not be incurred using university funds or methods of payment until after travel is approved.
  • An Expense Report is required within 15 days of return of travel to reconcile travel expenses (with the exception of transactions on university credit cards, which will need to be reconciled earlier).  Exceptions may apply.
  • Currency conversion is available in Workday, so additional currency documentation from Oanda or other third-party sites is not required.